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Working With A Team That Redefines Wealth Management

Screaming Eagle Wealth Management was started by Erik Dullenkopf, CFP®. Erik is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional that specializes in working with families in the oil and gas industry and guides them to successfully manage their transition into and throughout retirement. Erik has worked with employees from local oil and gas companies for over six years, allowing Screaming Eagle Wealth Management to gain unique knowledge and insight about the commonalities, struggles and benefits the ever-changing industry faces.

At Screaming Eagle Wealth Management, our main goal is to have our clients achieve all the items in life that are important to them. Our clients most common goals are that their family is taken care of, their standard of living is maintained in retirement and the ability to explore their passion for travel.

Erik believes that those goals cannot just be met while focusing on one area of wealth management, but rather a full picture. Everything works together.

Screaming Eagle Wealth Management redefines the wealth management process with our formula and process. The formula is how we define wealth management and it's necessary components. Learn more about our wealth management formula below.

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